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The team at Mission Paws’ible have a dream. A very BIG DREAM!  

We’re creating the FIRST EVER dog park

What if we told you we have the answer to solving the never ending epidemic of homeless animals in Bali?

What if we told you we have a unique, ‘never done before’ concept that will not only help the animals we rescue but also support other organisations on the same mission.

What if we told you we can make your donation go A LOT further than ever before!

About UnLeashed

‘UnLeashed’ will be the FIRST Pet Centre / Community Hub and Park in Bali, purpose built for the public to use. It will be a safe space for people and their pets to socialise off leash without concerns for their safety. There will be several play areas to allow a safe space for all sizes of dogs, from small breed, to medium and large. Play zones will be interconnected to a large garden area where visitors can enjoy a coffee, cake or a cool beverage.

The Park & Lifestyle Store

Every day will be DOGS DAY OUT at UnLeashed in Ubud, Bali!
Open every day from 9am-6pm the park will be operating and welcoming our furry friends with open arms. On weekends we will offer Puppy School, Dog Training, Birthday Paw’tys, Adoption Days and a whole lot more to bring the community together. Additionally we will offer daily Doggy Day Care for working Paw’rents, Photo Studio, Pet Grooming and a Pet and Lifestyle store which is easily accessible for our customers. We will stock our own hand made pet accessory line as well as pet food and other brands we trust and believe in for better pet care.

The Cafe & Retirement Home

For tourists, pet owners and passionate Mission Paws’ible supporters the Unleashed Cafe will cater to all your, and your canine kids needs, whilst educating you about our mission.

With every purchase from the menu patrons will be encouraged to choose where the profit of their meal goes – Sterilisation & Vaccination, Education or Rescue. The cafe interior will be a modern, ‘Instagram-able’, dog friendly lounge space.

With in the cafe footprint we will incorporate a child friendly, dog free play area for families to enjoy. Unleashed will be a communal hub where all people are welcome. This will further encourage the community to visit and learn more about animal welfare in Bali, the homeless dog situation and adoption options.

The addition of a co-working space will enable online workers (and digital nomads) to focus on their jobs whilst we care for their pets! They can take a coffee break and enjoy the calming interaction with one of the many dogs in the park.

What happens next?

We’ve found the perfect land at the right price with great terms.
We’ve had our business advisors look over the paper work.
We’ve had our finance team crunch the numbers.

We’ve found a sustainable solution to help stop the suffering of Bali’s animals by creating a profitable business that will benefit everyone – humans and animals.

What We Need

Overall we need to raise AU$250,000 to make this dream a reality

We need to AU$125,000 to secure the land for 25 years.
We then need to raise a further AU$125,000 to build the park and buildings.

From the beginning of build to doors opening we need to raise:

  • AU$125,000 to pay for the land over 12 months.
  • We estimate AU$80,000 is needed to design and build stage 1 of the  Dog Park and Cafe facilities
  • AU$45,000 has been budgeted to stock the store and cafe to start operations.

Sounds like a lot of money? It is!

But just look at these amazing figures once we are operating. 

  • With in the first year of operating we will be able to provide a charitable donation of $60k, that’s 24% return on your donation!
  • By year 5 we will be able to provide a total of $540,000, that’s 216% return on your donation!
  • By year 10 we should be able to re-invest over $1,000,000 into programs helping the animals but also preventing their suffering.

In other words:

For every $1 we raise we will donate $3 back into programs helping animals by year 7!

The Impact

The Impact we’ll have on Animal Welfare issues and projects is nothing short of unbelievable 

In the first year of operations we hope to raise $60,000. This can translate into:

  • 2,727 sterilisations preventing the possible birth of
  • 180,000,000+ dogs or 1 billion cats!
  • Fund over 3,000 rabies vaccines for strays and pets
  • Sponsor an education program targeting 17,000 people in 6 months about better pet care, sterilisation and vaccination
  • Rescue and Rehabilitate over 120 homeless animals. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Understandably not everyone can donate but there are other ways you can help

  • Use the share tools to share on your social media. Make some noise to help our fundraiser get noticed!
  • Contact celebrities or influencers you may know personally or you know love animals. Let’s get them involved.
  • Buy a perk as a gift! Ask a friend or loved one to donate so you can receive a gift that is helping others!

If you have any questions please email us!