We give 100% profits to animals in need!

We make and source Paw’some products.We scour the globe to bring quality, on-trend products to suit an array of tastes and markets.

We are adamant to create a Circle of Giving ensuring local artisans and their families also profit from our work in helping the animals. Every cent of our profits is used to fund the work of animal rescuers around the globe.


We deliver great products


We build our brand


We pay our overhead


Helping animals in need

Working together for
the animals in need

Mission Paws’ible is a registered business working with local charities. After operation costs are taken care of, we give 100% of our profits from our online store to the trusted animal rescuers and organisations globally who rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals in need. We always have and always will exist 100% for helping the animals.

We prove it! 

Follow our social media streams to see the animals you are helping. We endeavour to publish the full medical, boarding and other costs of each animal in our care, or animals we have helped. We want full transparency of funding.

Please contact us at love@missionpawsible.org with any questions.

How do we keep growing?

Mission Paws’ilbe is 100% owned for the benefit of animals in need.

Mission Paws’ible is a social enterprise (a registered business instead of a charity),  who’s sole focus is to help animals in need through a sustainable business platform. We have witnessed the charity model failing many groups (and ultimately animals) and wanted to create an e-commerce business that creates happy customers and happy, healthy animals.

On average, for every dollar you spend we pay forward at least 50% to saving lives. For every dollar you donate, 100% is used for the animals. That’s a pretty good return on investment.

Additionally, many of our products are part of the Circle of Giving, meaning, the process from manufacture to purchase helps not only animals but the people making the items. Look for the Circle of Giving™ stamp to know what items are helping more than just animals.