Thank you for your interest in adopting a dog from Mission Paws’ible.

By choosing adoption, you are saving a life.

At Mission Paws’ible we take the rehoming of our rescues very seriously. We want to be sure you find your Paw’fect Match™ so, when considering this life long commitment, please take into consideration your lifestyle, family structure, your other pets in the home and how you feel a pet would improve your life!

Terms + Conditions

This application is designed to help you find the dog most compatible with your lifestyle.

To adopt a pet, you must:

  • Show a government-issued picture ID
  • Be at least 25 years of age

Important information about Rabies

Due to the recent rise in rabies cases across Bali, we urge all adopters to be pre-vaccinated for rabies if the animal they have chosen is not yet vaccinated due to age or illness. The World Health Organization (WHO) standard for people is now two injections over a one-week period.

When animals are vaccinated against rabies, it is still possible that exposure may have occurred prior to vaccination. IF an animal is incubating rabies, they may develop symptoms at any time. There is no reliable way to test live animals for rabies.

For this reason, please be aware and vigilant about looking for possible signs of rabies in animals under your care.

Rabies is spread through animal bites or transfer of saliva from an infected animal to open wounds, into the eyes, nose or mouth.

Take care to avoid being bitten. Do not let animals lick you on the mouth, in the eyes, in the nose or allow saliva to come into contact with open wounds or broken skin.

The rabies virus does not always present the same symptoms in every animal. If you notice any behaviour out of the ordinary, including any of the following, contact us immediately.

● Vicious biting for no reason
● Paralysis
● Difficulty swallowing
● Barking with a strange sound
● Drooping of the lower jaw
● Foaming at the mouth
● Seizures
● Seeking dark places

In the event that you are bitten and skin is broken, follow WHO protocols as follows:

● Wash the wound for 15 minutes with soap and running water and apply betadine/iodine
● Seek medical advice immediately

More detailed information about rabies here: FACT SHEET

Please note that although Mission Paws’ible is responsible for the medical care and vaccinations of the animals, we do not take responsibility for fosters/adopters own personal vaccinations, nor any potential post-exposure treatment.

By virtually signing below you acknowledge that you have been informed of the risks and post-exposure protocol, and that you agree to take full responsibility of your own vaccinations and any necessary treatment in the event of a bite.

Further information can be found here:
Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you don’t mind the questions but we like to be sure our rescued dogs future homes are safe, loving, secure and permanent.