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Bali Advertiser March 2018

It is difficult to escape the fact that many dogs on the island are malnourished, sick or have not been sterilized. One organization is trying to change this by providing rehabilitation, and homes for sick, abandoned and injured dogs and puppies. Mission Paws’ible aims to educate people about the importance of vaccinations and sterilization, and provides support to individuals who rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs and puppies. “Mission Paws’ible was born in 2015 as an idea that gradually grew into a community. Its main focus is to connect like minded people, animal lovers and rescuers to work together to save lives through collaboration and support,” says the organization’s founder Prue Barber. “We face a lot of daily challenges, such as lack of funds to support vaccinations, sterilization and general health checks for dogs. The biggest challenge, however, is finding them the homes they deserve. There are so many abandoned dogs and puppies, and only so many people who can take them in.” Read More

AA Indonesia 2018

Through a Facebook page called Mission Pawsible, Prue found a suitable home for the abandoned dogs.

“It’s sort of like a matchmate, but especially for dogs,” Prue said.

The woman admitted that she often spend her own money to treat, mevaksinasi and improve the nutrients and health of dogs that often found in conditions of ‘have a bad temper’ or suffer from skin diseases.

When the dog is back friendly and cheerful, Prue upload their photos on social media and see if anyone is interested in adopting a dog.

“I encourage my friends to pick up and do not buy dogs, firstly because the buying and selling industry is less healthy, secondly because many dogs are thrown away and need love,” Prue explained.

The problem with the abundance of abandoned dogs found in Bali, he argued, stems from a lack of owner insight into how to care for dogs.

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The Jakarta Post 2018

All animals deserve the chance to go on a journey of rescue to recovery. They belong in a family that can give life-long commitment and unconditional love; and to be one of them is to first understand what adoption truly means.

What is adopting and why should I adopt?
Where there are millions of homeless, neglected, mistreated and abused animals but not enough homes, adoption gives these animals a second chance.

Before settling in a permanent home, they enjoy time in foster care. Mission Paws’ible founder Prue Barber uses this time to get insight into what they need for the future and to match the right pet to the right lifestyle, family and budget. “This is something breeders or pet shops do not offer because they are only interested in money and not the welfare of the animal, nor you, the pet owner,” she said.

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