All over the world pets go missing, but prevention is the best solution!

Some pets wander out the front gate, escape their yard, simply disappear or are blatantly stolen. We know the stress and anxiety of losing a much loved fur-friend so here are some ways to help you find them again. Don’t lose hope. They are out there somewhere and hopefully these tips will help you!

Western Breeds

Western Breed dogs are often stolen from their homes in the hope of either a reward or re-sale on the black market.

If you have lost a western breed please do the following

Bali Dog / Cat

Bali Dogs naturally roam, however they don’t often roam too far from their home. If your Bali Dog goes missing please do the following


Constantly look for your pet for sale!

Refer back to these sites daily. Your dog may appear and then quickly be sold. If your dog is unsterilised then the thieves may use to breed from it, therefore keep watch for new puppies of the same breed, ask to view them and see the parents.

Bali Dog Lover [K]
Bali Dog Lover
Dog Lovers Bali
Bali Dog Lover Denpasar
Dog Lovers Bali
Anjing Dijual Bali
Anjing Dijual Di BALI (Dog Lover)
Jual Beli Anjing Bali


  1. Take a snap shot of the sale of the dog from the site as PROOF of the illegal trade
  2. Click on the seller. Get as much information about them as possible. Take snap shots of their profile and details.
  3. Have a local (not Bule or expat) contact the seller to organise a meeting – do not let them know you know the dog
  4. Meet the seller and take the police with you.
  5. Take proof that it is your dog – vet history, photos, vaccine books etc
  6. Get your dog back
  7. Proceed with criminal charges if possible


Download and edit according to your pet. We have included English and Indonesian.


Download and edit according to your pet. We have included English and Indonesian.


A dog’s sense of smell is one of the most important ways they experience life and the world around them.

For his ancestors, a keen sense of smell was necessary for survival. Now it aids not just theirs but even human survival — consider the work of search and rescue dogs. Lost dogs can and do sniff their way home.


  1. Sleep in a sarong / old bed sheet / T-Shirt over night so the fabric absorbs your smell OR use an old T-shirt / towel that has your smell on it
  2. Rip it up into small pieces that you can tie around a pole (30cm x 5cm)
  3. Walk the trail from where you lost your dog, or where it was last seen, and start to tie pieces of the fabric to poles, fences, trees etc. (also add a poster to add extra awareness)
  4. If your dog could have take various routes back to your home, or a familiar location, tie pieces of fabric on these trails too, and ‘funnel’ the smell back to your home.
  5. Have a large bowl of food and water to attract them to that final step!
  6. Continue to look for your dog, hand out flyers and put up posters. Promote on social media.

This technique has proven to work and dogs find their way back home! Good Luck!

A Dog’s Sense of Smell

Dogs’ noses have more than 40 times as many scent receptors as humans have. Depending on the breed and the scent in question, scientists estimate that their sense of smell is between 40 and 1 million times stronger than humans’. It is believed that one-third of the canine brain is dedicated to interpreting scent data. The shape of the canine nose, the mucus within and the act of sniffing itself all help dogs take in scent molecules. Dogs have something called a Jacobson’s organ or vomeronasal organ, which humans do not have. Located in the roof of the mouth, it is sensitive to odorless chemicals like pheromones.

The Origin of Dogs’ Sense of Smell

The ultimate purpose of your dog’s sense of smell is survival. It warns him of nearby presences; it alerts him to the scents other animals leave behind in urine markers and pheromones, including those in heat; it alerts him to natural prey that has been or may still be in the area. By domesticating canines, people co-opted their keener sense of smell to find food for human subsistence.

Source: Cuteness


It may be for you, it may not, but for an affordable price it is another way to help find your missing pet. We have had some very paws’itive results, but please note this is not a guaranteed ‘X marks the spot’ result but more like a psychic reading.

Registered Animal Communicators and Body Talk Specialists

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How to prevent your animal being lost!

This may seem like a no-brainer but if you allow your dog / cat to roam you are clearly risking heartbreak. And then their are the great-escapees who can find a way out of any yard. Here are a few things to take note to be sure your pet is safe!

  • Don’t let them roam! Dog meat thieves are EVERY WHERE, so why take the risk? To this day I will never understand how people can ‘wonder’ where their dog is when they have allowed them to roam. It may have been how the dogs lived many moons ago, but the world has changed BIG TIME and your pet has value. Keep them safe like you would your wallet!
  • Ensure your yard is fully fenced and secure. Check for anything your pet can jump on to jump over the fence. A small hole can also be a quick escape route. Cable ties and chicken wire are an easy fix!
  • Be vigilant. Do you really know your staff/friends/landlord? Can they be trusted? Your pet may be of more value than their monthly wage so, sometimes, the boss’ pet is an enticing way of getting easily cash flow. We have heard of multiple pet-ransoms when others know you will pay anything for your pet! Avoid the stress and be sure you are 100% confident in the people you keep company with.
  • Exercise your pet! Is your dog constantly running away? Maybe he/she is telling you they need more time out of the garden! Walk them. It’s good for you, them and your peace of mind.