We are proud to be supported by, and collaborating with, the following registered charities.

Animal Welfare is a frightening landscape to tackle, so we choose not to tackle it alone. That’s why we are now affiliated with three registered and well respected charities.

Seva Bhuana Logo

Yayasan Seva Bhuana

Yayasan Seva Bhuana (YSB) is a registered and certified Indonesian charity focusing on animal and human welfare through education, sterilisation and vaccination programs in collaboration with the government.

YSB is the also the Indonesian partner of Bali Pet Crusaders, a registered Australian Charity, who’s project focus’ on population control of dogs and cats in Bali with sterilisation.

In 2018, together, we will launch our Village Model Education Program designed to improve animal and human health, walfare, relationships and environment.

Bali Pet Crusaders Logo

Bali Pet Crusaders

Bali Pet Crusaders (BPC) is a registered DGR listed Australian charity that assists in dog and cat population control via their mobile sterilisation program.

Their work is nothing short of amazing and that is why Mission Paws’ible proudly funds the monthly salary of their Junior Vet (AU$300 per month). We believe prevention is better than cure, therefore stopping the population growth before it has began is key to stopping the suffering of so many innocent little beings.

Global Canine Cavalry

Global Canine Cavalry (GCC) is a registered 501c3 non-profit organisation which means our US supporters can make TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations! Win win!

GCC’s mission is to help dogs in distress and to raise awareness about the bond between mankind and canines in an effort to prevent the needless killing of dogs in both the US and overseas.

They are so passionate about saving lives they will pay forward any donations you make via the Mission Paws’ible page to us. Now that’s pretty awesome!