Mission Paws’ible was created in 2015 with one mission:

To connect like minded people saving animals lives – and so a community was born.

There’s no ‘short’ story to how I found myself settled on a tropical island surrounded by my personal rescued pets (4 dogs and 1 cat) and continue to meet incredible animals, fellow rescuers and amazing people from all walks of life and industries.

My name is Prue. I was born-and-bred in Melbourne, Australia (with a short stint in a little country town called Barham, NSW). I’ve spent time living in London and Sydney working for clients from all over the world. My paying occupation is Graphic Design and I run my own online creative agency We Create.


Many people ask ‘Why are you saving animals?’


I get it. It’s hard to understand why a young (well I was young at the time) girl would give up her successful career in graphic design to save sick and mangey animals. To give up the glamour and the cushy life of the corporate world and now I find myself stopping my scooter, hot, sweaty, and disheveled, to collect a little pup with no hair and awkwardly work out how to transport it from it’s location to the vet.

‘Why’ is the common question. ‘Why not?’ is my answer

So where did it all begin?

After 15 years in the design industry my partner and I decided it was time to throw on the back-pack and explore mother earth and see what we could find.


I wasn’t looking for anything, but I found my purpose.


Spending time in Nepal, India, Malaysia, Thailand and finally Indonesia I saw many animals suffering and wanted to help. But how?

After 12 months of globe trotting we landed in Bali where I spent nearly 2 years offering my design and marketing services pro-bono to several animal projects, but I quickly realised the charity model isn’t quite cutting it. Donations are awesome, but they solve our problems for a fleeting moment, or for that one animal, but what about the other 10 about to come through our virtual doors?

Despite the blood, sweat and tears we invest into rescuing animals we never seem to have enough money.  We are perpetually calling for donations or creating more online fundraisers – a key way to fund our rescues.

So it got me thinking. Why not create a sustainable profitable business coupled with the charity model? Supporters can choose to help a certain animal, make a general donation or buy something from our online store with 100% profits helping animals in need. We aim to give customers a cool product, a feel good moment PLUS their purchase helps fund rescued animals and ultimately the human community!


And so, Mission Paws’ible became a ‘thing’ and today we have helped over 150 animals in our first solid year of operations. And that’s just in my ‘spare’ time.


Through this very website we have raised thousands of dollars that have been used for many animals we have personally saved, animals helped by others and supporting teams across the island.

I am making it my mission to be sure all donations are transparent and we continue to develop this site to show clear fundraising details, goals and money donated is visually accounted for.

We have also launched our online store which stocks pet accessories handmade in Bali. Through this project we have create the Circle of Giving™, which means when you buy from us you not only help animals in need but the local community through employment.

We want your pets to help the animals in need. How paw’some is THAT!

I would like to thank everyone that has been part of this journey with me. Those that have believed in me, my passion and that ‘every rescue mission is possible!’.

I have MANY ideas still bubbling away with the ultimate goal of helping the homeless and encouraging adoption through educating the community (globally) about animal welfare and enjoying our time with our furry friends.

Many thanks for all your continued support.


Prue Barber
Mission Paws’ible Founder and Solo Rescuer.