Healthy Feeding Suggestions

Mission Paws’ible advocates for a carnivorous diet for dogs.

Nutritious food is paramount for a healthy dog both inside and out.

Feed twice a day – morning and night.
Always have a large bowl of fresh water available.

Pet Food in Bali

We promote and endorse a raw food diet which can be ordered on-line and delivered to your door.

‘The single most important element in a dogs life after us, is their daily diet’ and we couldn’t agree more!

Several companies offer raw meals which include a wide variety of high quality meat including Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Fish, Buffalo & Rabbit. The food ranges from 80-100% raw meat & bone, complimented by offal, vegetables, fruit & Herbs. Absolutely No Grain, Gluten Or Fillers & 100% Preservative Free.

Just as with our own diets, variety is the key, ‘The best way to ensure that our dogs receive all the nutrients they need is to feed a wide variety from our raw diet menu as possible.’


You can order through DogMa Dogs or Kin Dog Food.

Why is my pets diet so important?

Have you ever witnessed a kid on a sugar high? Or a tired and lethargic teenager? Or someone with bad skin, overweight or a pale appearance?

Have you then looked at their diet, daily routine and their exercise habits?

If you compare a happy, healthy and energetic human to an unwell, lethargic and sick person then compare their diets, you will see this is the KEY to their conditions. And that is the same for animals.

The fresher and the cleaner their diet the better they will be and the less you will spend on vet care.

We have found making our own fresh food for our dogs to not only be cheaper, but our pets fur, eyes, demeanour and general health is better.

Every day meal suggestions!

The following information is general advice, but as each dog is different we recommend that you talk to your veterinarian, especially if your dog has any special dietary needs or has a reaction to a standard diet. Portions sizes vary based on the breed, age, size and exercise.

The amount of food required will depend on your dog’s size, breed, age and level of exercise, but take care not to overfeed or underfeed. Your vet will be able to weigh your dog, assess your dog’s body condition score and provide advice.

Adult dogs should be fed at least twice a day to avoid bloat, which can be fatal. You should also avoid exercising your dog immediately before or after eating, to avoid bloat, particularly deep-chested dogs.

Fresh drinking water must be available at all times.

Reference: RSPCA

Our Home Cooked Recipe


  • 2kg Chicken Necks / Breast (depending on budget)
  • 1kg liver
  • 1 Medium Pumpkin (cut into 1cm cubes)
  • 2kg Spinach (any kind washed and shredded)
  • Tumeric (either fresh or powder)


1) Put meat in a rice cooker or pot on the stove and add water to cover the contents. Set to COOK. It will take approximately 30mins depending on your rice cooker / stove. The longer you cook the more tender the meat and easier to cut up.

2) Once cooked pull the meat out and allow to cool. Do not throw out the juice / chicken

3) Add the finely cut pumpkin to the chicken stock and boil until tender, approx. 5minutes

4) Add the spinach and cook for about 3 minuets

5) Take the vegetables out of the stock or drain the liquid. Remember to keep the water / chicken stock. It contains all the nutrients.

6) When all cooled down, remove the chicken from the bones. Throw the bones away (put in a small plastic bag before putting in the bin to ensure a little furry snout doesn’t sneak it from the bin later). Mix all together.

Optional for picky eaters – When cool put in the blender and use the vegetable stock Some dogs pick out the vegetables so blending it ensures they get the nutrients.

8) Grate fresh Tumeric, or sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons into the mix. Stir

9) Once cool prepare portion sizes to suit your dog/s

TIP: Put the chicken stock in a container and place in the fridge. In 24 hours all the oil will rise to the top. Scrape this off and throw away. The dogs don’t need the extra fat, but it is the slushy brown stuff that has all the good stuff in it!

10) Dish up! Your dogs will LOVE it!

Supplements we suggest 

Fish Oil Capsule (1 per adult dog once a day) or virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil can be given orally to dogs as a supplement, and it can also be applied topically on the skin to treat dry itchy skin, lesions, ringworm, and so on. It has a lot of health benefits (both for humans and dogs), and since most dogs like the taste of coconut oil, supplementing is not a problem!


Tumeric: There are a number of recorded benefits of how this herb can help your dog, Pain: because all dogs are subject to arthritis, turmeric can play an important role due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It tops the list for natural remedies for treating dogs with stiff joints.

Turmeric healing or curcumin’s medical talents, which are widely reported, have effects on:

  • Blocking inflammation
  • Kills infectious bacteria and microbes
  • It improves the function and health of the heart
  • It’s antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, antimicrobial, antibiotic, antimutagenic, anti-inflammatory
  • It cures stomach ailments
  • It cures ear infections
  • It kills sinus infections
  • It kills parasites
  • It prevents cataracts

It heals damage from long-term diabetes and wounds caused by diabetes
Reference: Healthy Dog Club

Spirulina / Moringa
Super greens boost your dogs immunity to make them healthier and stronger.

Moringa leaves are loaded with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and more. One hundred grams of dry moringa leaf contains:2

9 times the protein of yogurt 10 times the vitamin A of carrots 12 times the vitamin C of oranges
15 times the potassium of bananas 17 times the calcium of milk 26 times the iron of spinach
  • It’s loaded with antioxidants
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol level\s
  • Protects against arsenic toxicity

Reference: Healthy Pets


Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is one of the most useful supplements for dogs as it can give our dogs a lot of health benefits. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal; therefore, it prevents infections caused by bacteria and fungus. ACV also supports and boosts the immune system. ACV can be used topically and orally, and is a “must-have” at home for dogs at all life stages.

Source: Natural Dog Remedies



If your dog is over 7 or if your dog is starting to show signs of joint pain, glucosamine is an essential supplement since its function is to maintain and regenerate healthy cartilage in joints. If glucosamine is depleted, degenerated joint problems such as osteoarthritis occurs.

Source: Natural Dog Remedies


Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) has powerful antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-parasitic, and antioxidant properties. It can be safely used both topically and orally on dogs, for ear and skin infections, Candida yeast infections, and stomach problems caused by bacteria or virus. A must-have for dogs (and people)!

Source: Natural Dog Remedies



Honey can be used orally for allergies and digestive problems, and it can also be applied topically to burns, wounds, hot spots, and other skin problems. Like coconut oil, honey has loads of health benefits for dogs (and people), and because it is sweet, most dogs have no problem with the taste.

Source: Natural Dog Remedies



One of the most powerful natural supplements for dogs, probiotics are the “good bacteria” and are used to restore the normal balance of gut microflora (bacteria). They act as the body’s first line of defence against all the potentially harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that your dog eats or inhales. Thus, having a constant supply of these friendly bacteria in your dog’s GI tract can help prevent a wide range of health problems. Probiotic supplements are advisable for dogs at all life stages, but particularly for older dogs and those with chronic digestive problems, such as chronic diarrhea, colitis, IBD, and so on.

Source: Natural Dog Remedies



Vitamins for dogs are as essential as they are for people. Vitamins are present in trace amounts in most foods and they are essential for numerous functions performed in the body, such as acting as antioxidants, assisting in digestion and nutrient absorption, keeping the skin and hair healthy. (For more information, visit our pages onVitamins for DogsVitamin C for Dogs, and Vitamin D for Dogs.)

Source: Natural Dog Remedies