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In rescue our medical and boarding bills often exceeded our monthly income. We are urgently calling for your support to help several dogs rescued in February 2020.

Despite terrible circumstances they have suffered we’re here to change their future.

Please help us by clicking the link and helping us reach our AU$2,000 goal to cover our bills their healing costs. A little goes a long way in Bali!



She was thrown out of a car in an illegal rubbish dump in Jimbaran, Bali. When a garbage picker asked the lady why she was throwing her dog onto the garbage dump her reply was ‘the dog can find some friends at the garbage dump’ and then drove off!

Valentine is just 1.5 years old. It is clear she has had several litters. She also has TVT cancer due to the breeding she has endured. The woman who dumped her was clearly using her for money and threw her away when she was of no ‘use’ to her.

Valentine is sweet, kind and affectionate. She would have loved that woman. She would have looked at that woman as her world. She would have done anything for that woman. That woman will get her karma, one day.

Valentine is now in the clinic and undergoing treatment. She has a blood parasite, is under weight and will need approximately 5 doses of chemo to kill the cancer. This requires isolation as it is highly contagious. Below is her medical breakdown.

Blood Test $100
Wash $20
Medicine $50
Boarding 8 weeks $500
Chemo $400
Nutritional Food $200
Vaccinate $50
Transport $30

TOTAL: $1,450


He is over 10 years old and has been living in Ubud all this time. He had an owner, but when they moved out they left him behind and the new home owners inherited him. Due to this ‘situation’ no one has taken responsibility for the horrendous foot infection he has. It is so bad that amputation was suggested.

Bobo’s foot is not only swollen it was infested with live maggots eating his flesh. They have since been removed and he is undergoing treatment in the clinic. His prognosis is good but we need help to cover his medical listed below

Help us make his life a whole lot better. Bobo needs you!

Blood Test $100
Wash $20
Boarding 1 month $250
Medicine $100
Nutritional Food (2 months) $150
Vaccinate $50
Transport $30

TOTAL: $700


Every charity has monthly overheads to operate and function to their best capacity. We have added a buffer for any incidental medical or transport costs that we may incur for these dogs. Any money not spent will roll over into March rescue bills and other animals we help but don’t always promote.

We THANK YOU for your support and love for the animals of Bali. They need us! They need you! We need Unleashed Bali to prevent this suffering. Find out more here