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Nothing ever prepares us when confronted with this sight and sadly it’s becoming more common.

This innocent victim of pure neglect was rescued today by Aina and her partner from a local beach. They are not ‘rescuers’. They are just two people that saw her, stopped, knew they had to do something, saved her and has changed the future for this baby in an act of kindness. Something every human is capable of.

This is what community care is about and the ultimate goal at Mission Paws’ible – to support and empower others to rescue and adopt because TOGETHER we can save them all.

She is presently at Sunset Vet Bali where she will undergo her treatment for what looks like scabies with a secondary skin infection. She will need to board there for at least 10 days until she is scabies free. She will be bathed, fed good food with Holistic Health Pet Care Moringa and slathered in their Coconut and Neem Oil mix to help her skin heal. She will be vaccinated when stronger and also sterilised when older. We estimate her initial medical bill (including boarding, full blood tests, medical care and meds) to be AU$400.

How long this little love has been cowering on the beach, slowly dying, is anyones guess but today her life has changed fur’ever. With your help we can give her the best life possible

With your help we will change her life forever

Breakdown of costs: 

  • Medical Check AU$15
  • Blood Tests + Skin scrape AU$100
  • 10 Days boarding AU$100
  • Vaccination AU$50
  • Sterilisation AU$40
  • Skin Meds + Worming donated stock
  • Buffer for complications / transfers AU$95

If you would like to help please contribute today.