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Collaboration is key to helping more animals. We support several animal rescue groups and focus on educating and activating individuals to rescue, re-home and/or adopt their next pet.


    Well hello to the worlds CUTEST little rescue pups! MEET THE CANDY KIDS!

    These little cherubs were rescued yesterday after their Mumma Lolly sadly died from severe neglect and malnutrition. Fabienne, Maria and Steffy all tried so hard to save Mumma Lolly but she left this world only 5 minutes after she had been reunited with her pups, knowing they were going to be safe.

    Despite this tragic story and unforgivable circumstances of an 'owned' dog, Lolly's pups are safe and we need your help to find them a forever human!

    Please share this post and tag your friends.
    Together we can help them have a brighter future.

    If you would like to name a pup, please consider purchasing PICK-A-PUP from our online store for AU$100 which will cover their full vaccination, sterilisation and care until adoption. CLICK HERE: https://missionpawsible.org/shop/virtual-pet-pick-a-pup/

    Please contact us if you would like to meet them

    Because every rescue mission is possible!

    Facebook photo

    LULU is now known as the miracle dog who, against all odds, survived her critical condition and two types of blood parasite (cue Destiny Childs ‘I’m a Survivor').

    Yesterday LULU was up and on all four paws ready to bust out of the clinic! She is a soft, loving, sweet angel who has been supported by so many people here and afar. Many thanks to Johnsen who rescued her, thank you to Millie for being her blood donor and saving LULUs life, thank you to the incredible staff at Sunset Vet Bali and THANK YOU to the people that funded her medical bill: Marie, Max, Emily, Gina, Iza, Chloe, Sara and Joycee. You are the ones that help us believe that every rescue mission is possible! With out you she would not have survived.

    We will post a video of her soon so you can all see the love this girl gives. She is so grateful to the people that helped her.

    LULU will be discharged from the clinic today and we will continue to monitor her progress, organise her vaccinations and sterilisation when she is fit and ready, and find her the perfect forever home!

    Adopt Don't shop where ever you live in the world.

    Because every rescue mission is possible!

    Facebook photo

    SWEET SASSY needs a home 🙏🏻
    This darling girl was rescued over 18mths ago and was adopted then returned twice (not her fault on either occasions). She now royally resides at our sister project The Bali Dog Halfway House.

    Sassy is small (perfect scooter size), affectionate and leash trained! She would make an amazing companion for a retired couple or single. She is of course fully vaccinated and sterilised.

    Please contact us if you would like to meet her and tag your friends and share to help find Sassy her forever FOREVER home 💕

    Adopt don't shop where ever you live in the world.

    Because every rescue mission is possible!

    Facebook photo

    We are wrapped to be collaborating with another great pet brand @jacobs_treats who will be donating some tasty chews for our foster babes and also making it easy for you to give our Bali babes a treat as well!
    You can order your own or for our rescues on Whatsapp +6281999111103 or Line @rmd2064m
    Because every rescue mission is possible!
    Repost: Did you know? Now you can help pups in need with purchasing our jerkies and donating it to @MissionPawsible ❤️🙏🏻

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    Meet Khaleesi - thrown away by her former human to fend for her tiny self on the street 😥
    Coinciding with the release of the much anticipated #GameOfThrones #GOT, this week our #Khaleesi was rescued and tonight she is off to foster care!
    We have our work cut out for us as she doesn't like people much (which is fair enough) but she will be in one of the best foster homes with her rescuer Amy and her canine cousins! Dog therapy all round for #queenkhaleesi !
    Thank you Ashleigh and friends for sponsoring Khaleesi's vaccination and healing by purchasing PICK-A-PUP from our online store! You guys rock!
    Please consider supporting our mission by visiting our site and seeing all the ways you can help the homeless.
    Because every rescue mission is possible!

    We gotta do a regramm of this handsome hound MILO who was rescued by Mia from Bali Dog Photography and helped heal with donated Kin Rawfood and foster love by Jafar!
    MILO was found walking the street aimlessly with hardly any hair and a broken leg! Mia reached out for help and so his healing story began 🙏🏻
    MILO spent several months at out sister project The Bali Dog Halfway House where he waited for his forever home, but alas, his princess rescuer decided she would keep him! It was fate!
    Adopt don't shop where ever you are in the world.
    Because every rescue mission is possible!

    Facebook photo

    On Sunday LULU was in a critical condition. She was rapidly declining and we had to make a tough decision to either let her go or try a costly blood transfusion which may fail. We didn't want her to suffer but we didn't want to give up on her like her humans before. Thanks to Sunset Vet Bali, Johnsen's fast action (LULUs rescuer), Millie the Pitbull and blood donor and the support of YOU, the blood transfusion happened and has so far been a success! Thank you!

    Look at LULU today!!
    She is stable and holding her head high with her PVC levels reaching normal rate at 29% (normal range is 29%-55%). Her body temperature is now normal and she is eating!! 👏🏼

    She will undergo further tests to work out the cause of her Anaemia but she is receiving antibiotics to battle any infection.

    It is with GREAT thanks to the following people that have helped fund her healing: Max, Marie, Gina, Iza, Chloe and Sara. It is because of people like you who believe every rescue mission is possible that we can help beautiful souls like LULU.

    Thank you also to Karin for checking in on LULU today and taking this lovely photo.

    More updates to come on this amazing girl!

    Because every rescue mission is possible!

    Facebook photo

    This little legend was rescued 2 weeks ago and this weekend he has been moved to foster with the amazing @gypsy_geo who will love him until his forever human arrives! 💕

    BIGGIE SMALLS is a little dude with a big personality and tiny helicopter tail wag 🚁

    He has spent 2 weeks at Sunset Vet Bali where he was treated for scabies, wormed and vaccinated 👊🏼 He is now on the hunt for his forever human! Is it you?

    If you live in Bali and looking for a best buddy to love you unconditionally then BIGGIE SMALLS is your man ❤️

    Thank you Sharon and Cara for sponsoring this little guys medical bill. 💪🏻

    Because every rescue mission is possible!

    Facebook photo

    This darling Husky girl (yes they have Huskies in tropical Bali) was found abandoned last week by Johnsen (new puppa-dad to Johnny Legend the one-eyed Bali Dog). He thought she was lost, but after a few days of searching for her owner he discovered she was critically ill and we have decided to help with her care.

    LULU is another sad case of a dog discarded due to illness, but on a paws'itive note she is undergoing intense treatment at Sunset Vet Bali, however she is not out of the woods yet 🙁

    LULU has had many tests to determine her problem. She is lethargic and can not stand. She has had a blood transfusion today thanks to a Millie her donor and LULU is improving very, very slowly. This procedure costs approximately AU$150, but she will need further medicines and boarding if she can hold on. At this stage we hope to raise AU$300 so that we can be sure we can cover her costs.

    We are looking for 6 people who can pledge just AU$50 each. Can you help?
    Alternatively you can check out our online store and buy something for yourself that will help fund LULU's care. Click the link below.

    If you love of Huskies please help LULU or if you have a friend that loves Huskies please tag them in this post. Many paws make light work 🙂

    Because every rescue mission is possible!


    If you would like to DONATE DIRECT TO SUNSET VET you can either
    - VISIT THEM -
    Nakula Plaza Blok C Jalan Nakula, Kuta, Bali 80361
    Telephone: 0361 934 8915 (Reception)

    Bank Name : MEGA BANK
    Bank Branch : UBUD – Bali, Indonesia
    Beneciary Name : PT.Elang Mas Lestari
    Account No. :
    Bank Currency : Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
    Swift Code : MEGAIDJA
    *Please also kindly send us a copy of the transfer receipt once payment
    has been made.

    - PAYPAL -
    Please copy and paste the following link into your browser URL:
    Or send funds via PayPal to admin@sunsetvetbali.com
    * Please note that for PayPal transfers, the amount credited to your account
    will be the net amount received after PayPal and currency exchange fees.

    Facebook photo

    Available for adoption ❤️
    Wow what an amazing boy this big fella is!

    Rescued from the sewer where he had been dumped by his captors. He was skin and bone and could hardly walk. See his rescue video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4jVq1jhVsg

    After several months of foster care, medical help and rehabiltation this handsome hound is ready for a REAL human to love him!

    HERO needs someone experienced with Pitbulls and also be a single pet family (no other dogs or cats)

    HERO IS:
    - Male Pitbull
    - Approx. 18 months old
    - Fully vaccinated and to be sterilised this month
    - Happy, healthy, loving.
    - Needs to be a single pet family (we believe he was used as a bait dog)

    Please contact us if you would like to meet Hero!

    STRICTLY: No cages. No chains. No free roaming. Fully fenced secure yard. House check mandatory.

    Please tag your Pitbull loving friend to help us find him the perfect home 🙏🏻

    Facebook photo

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Every rescue mission is possible through collaboration and support of solo rescuers and rescue teams. We help many animals on the ground with rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing plus we share the love by distributing donated food, medicines and financial assistance to trusted individuals who dedicate time to help the homeless. You too can help by contributing to one of our campaigns or by making a Paws’itive Purchase from our online store where profits are paid forward to rescue work. Adopt, Foster, Volunteer, Contribute.



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