Ginger, the sweetest most fragile rescue. Ginger was found out the front of a notorious Dog Meat Restaurant in Bali. She was frail, scared and alone. She was being tormented by a young boy who threw rocks at, until we stepped in. After 5 minutes of coaxing her with food and gentle strokes we lifted…


This is Putih. He was chained to a wall and basically left to die. Putih was suffering a curable skin condition. His owners were at a loss as to how to heal him when the medicine and advice they were given did not work. Through simple intervention, vet care, treatment and education of his owners…


Ruby. Lived in the market for 6 months waiting to be rescued. We first met Ruby at a local market where she happily lived amongst the market stalls with the local ladies who worked there daily. But this was not an ideal place for such a beauty to call home. She suffered a curable skin…


Peanut, wandering a busy freeway. Peanut was found wandering a busy freeway and we were told he was a stray, but through further research (and following Peanut) we learnt he had an owner who did not know how to help his dog. We organised for vet visits and simple, affordable skin treatment, medicated shampoo wash,…


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