Mission Paws’ible debuted on The Dodo in 2019 and has since been featured over twenty times, boosting our social media following and donations. We maintain a positive and mutually rewarding relationship with The Dodo team.

The Dodo is one of the most high-profile media brands in the world. It leverages the viral potential of animal content and connects it to a movement to make caring about animals a mainstream cause through highly engaging, inspirational content. Through its social channels and websites, The Dodo reaches 100 million pet owners monthly in the U.S. alone.

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Mission Pawsible_True_Stories_Taco2
Due to his large size, boisterous energy, and skin illness,


Mission Pawsible_True_Stories_Jack5
Jack was in our care for several months, growing his


Mission Pawsible_True_Stories_Buzz3
Buzz was found wandering the streets of Uluwatu, Bali. He


Mission Pawsible_True_Stories_Mo7
Mo is believed to be the victim of the dog


Sophie a rescued dog by Mission Pawsible - Dog Rescue, Rehome, & Adoption in Bali.
Sophie was found laying on the road, lifeless. It was


Mission Paws'ibles top dog featured on The Dodo
Thrown from a moving vehicle, Ellie hit the guard rail


Mission Paws'ibles top dog featured on The Dodo
She was once a gorgeous puppy but at 8 months


Mission Paws'ibles top dog featured on The Dodo
Henry was rescued from the street where he had been


Mission Paws'ibles top dog featured on The Dodo
Putri was found in a local village hairless, thin and

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She was taken to the vet, and her treatment commenced. We didn’t know what she was dealing with, but we were willing to give it our all, and you helped us do that!

We named her Asha, and her journey of recovery began.

Thanks to our foster network, we were able to place her in Emma’s care, and the rest is history! 

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Peanut was found wandering a busy freeway, and we were told he was a stray. However, through further research (and following Peanut), we learned he had an owner who did not know how to help his dog.

We organised vet visits, simple, affordable skin treatment, medicated shampoo wash, fish oil, and primary nutritional education, and today, Peanut is the happiest (and hairiest) hound in the neighbourhood. Plus, he has been upgraded from the work shed to his home’s grassed and manicured temple area.

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Belle was reported to us by a local in Pejeng Village, Bali. A hairless and severely sunburnt dog was roaming the streets. She was skittish and hard to locate. On the day of her rescue, Belle was sedated to help ease the trauma.

Fast forward to today, Belle is a completely new dog. The best part of all is that she has an amazing human who absolutely adores her quirky ways.

Belle was also featured on The Dodo. Click the view her video.



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Sadie was dumped in a local school garbage bin at just six weeks old. She was emaciated and hairless, looking more like a plucked chick. But she had the tenacity to survive. Sadie beat all the odds and transformed into a gorgeous pup with the attitude of a teenager. 

Today, Sadie lives happily and is loved by Mission Paws’ible founder Prue and the rest of her rambunctious rescued pack.

Sadie was also featured on The Dodo. Click the view her video. 


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One dark night, Hero was thrown into a sewer as a bag of bones. A passerby spotted him, then pulled him out, tied him to a tree, and posted on Facebook with a drop pin location. A mad scramble ensued. We desperately tried to get to Hero before anyone else—dog fighters, breeders, or meat traders. He was saved within one hour in the dark of night and torrential rain.

Surprisingly, Hero was in good form despite his horrendously thin frame. But as his rehabilitation began, you could see his back legs were deformed due to caging as a baby and never getting the right food and exercise to build proper muscle and form. He also revealed aggression issues towards other dogs. Maybe he had been used as a bait dog for dog fighting. We will never really know.

Heros’ recovery was long, and his adoption process took even longer. It took eight months for him to gain weight and gradually build muscle in his legs.

Months passed, and we feared we would never find Hero, his one true love, who would love him for all his beauty, somebody’s defects, and dislike of other dogs. Then Indra and his wife met Hero, and it was love! From all the other healthier dogs, they chose Hero.

I will never forget the day of adoption. I sat with Hero and asked if Indra was his ‘one’. He looked me straight in the eyes, licked my face and walked to Indra whilst I burst into tears. Yep! He found his paw’fect match.
Indra chose Hero despite his partial blindness and hind leg deformity. He chose Hero because he had a connection, and I can confirm that this connection was reciprocated.

Hero is more than just a dog. He is a hero in more ways than one. He has instilled the faith that every rescue mission is possible, loving homes exist, and love and kindness will always win over evil. Hero has helped many people learn to love. He also donated his blood for a little puppy last week and saved his life. A hero from day one and a hero forever.
It’s been six months since adoption, and HERO is Indra’s world. He calls him ‘anak papa’, meaning ‘Daddy’s boy.’

We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome for our gentle giant.

The Hero has one of those stories of pain, suffering, and human disregard but harbours incredible forgiveness and love so genuine and deep for his best friend, Indra, that nothing will break their bond.

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Angel was saved by Australian animal rights activist Joey Carbstrong and his girlfriend Laura when they were visiting Bali. She was staggering in the street, and thankfully, Joey and Laura were fast enough to create a makeshift string and contain her as she collapsed into their arms. She was rushed to the vet, where she lay in a critical condition. She received IV fluids due to her severe dehydration. She had a fever, was severely malnourished and was suffering from a blood parasite plus demodex mange.

Angel was with us for four days but couldn’t hold on. Her body was ravished by illness, and she didn’t want to stay any longer. Angel crossed the rainbow bridge and was surrounded by the people who had loved her in her last days.

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On December 23rd, we received distressing images of a dog with her back legs bent incorrectly. Despite the daunting situation, our Su’Pawt Squad mobilised to help.

With the help of a dedicated driver who travelled 1.5 hours to find and shelter the dog, we got her to a vet on Christmas Eve despite heavy traffic and bad weather.

The dog, Comet, surprised us all with her resilience and affectionate nature despite suffering a broken spine and two broken back legs. Faced with the choice of euthanasia or surgery, we decided to move forward with surgery to remove her legs, provide her with a wheelchair, and focus on rehabilitation.

Following surgery and an overwhelming show of support, Comet found a foster home, and to our delight, she was eventually adopted by a 10-year-old boy named Max and his family. This heartwarming outcome serves as a reminder of the power of community effort, compassion, and hope. We are grateful to Comet’s sponsors, the staff at Sunset Vet, our Su’Pawt Squad, and everyone who played a part in Comet’s journey to a new and loving home.

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On 23rd December 2017, I was sitting on an aeroplane about to take off for a much-needed break. My phone pinged, and a message asked for help for this poor, emaciated, lost, and lonely soul.
Three weeks later, I met Dobby for the first time.

That day, my heart shattered.

After meeting him, it took me a week to find the will to write his story. What I saw were scars and physical damage from intentional animal cruelty and neglect that defies reality. I felt physically ill at the thought of the torment he had suffered at the hands of humans.
He was a skeleton, unable to walk due to little muscle mass, hairless. His ears were intentionally sliced off, and his tail was docked, most probably without anaesthesia.

Not only has this boy been purchased from a breeder as a status pet, but it seems he had been caged for his short life without exercise. He has been starved, neglected, and then thrown away because he is now of no ‘value’ but more an eyesore and embarrassment to his former human.

Dobby is not alone. He is not the first, and he will not be the last. There is a global epidemic affecting all kinds of ‘pets.’ Only we, the people, can help those who can not help themselves, advocate for change, educate others to know where their pets come from honestly, teach them how to best care for them, and encourage others to adopt and stop shopping for pets.

One thing that has been highlighted for me since meeting Dobby and celebrating his rehabilitation is that we, as a community, should not celebrate his healing but stop this incredulous suffering of animals that surrounds us.

Support sterilisation, encourage vaccinations, look over your fence and see if your neighbour is doing the right thing by their animals. Speak up if they are not.

Right now, I cannot breathe from the ignorance shown towards man’s best friend. It is a battlefield for so many dogs on a tiny island, with a small community willing to help them and a handful adopting.

Mission Paws’ible’s core mission is not to rescue. It is to prevent suffering, educate individuals, ripple effect a global community and keep hounding that term ‘adopt, don’t shop’.

The ever-amazing and oh-so-beautiful Dobby is adopted, and his home couldn’t be more perfect!

Now called Baxter, Dobby is Finola, and Mike’s much-loved and cherished new fur kid and a canine comrade to Archie! Their first meeting was terrific, and they will surely be best friends.

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We thought one could only take so much heartache, and then this happened.

I can’t breathe. This is beyond words. This can’t be real. It is.

In May 2018, Ketut, a huge animal lover who works in central Ubud, was driving to work when she noticed a small dog on the side of the road. Without hesitation, she stopped, picked her up, and drove one-handed for one kilometre to her friend’s store, where there was a temporary cage. She contacted us for help.

Not knowing what I would find, my heart shattered. This little girl, a neglected Pomeranian, cannot open her eyes because the infection is so bad. Rather than seeking medical help when her skin condition started, her former human dumped her on a busy road near a river with only one thought, “This isn’t my ‘problem’ anymore.” Her human most probably assumed she’d be hit by a car or drowned. End of story. But fate was on her side.

Hope’s recovery was nothing short of a miracle. Over several weeks, her scabies were gone, and we were able to move her to a foster home. There, she loved spending time with Mark and Tara and their canine crew. She grew her luscious coat, her eyes healed, and she found her bark.

We began to campaign for her adoption when we got a text from her foster carer saying that they had found her the perfect home—their home. Hope wasn’t leaving. Today, Hope is happy, healthy, loved, cheeky, and safe. She is truly a miracle against all odds. Despite the trauma inflicted on her, she has a sweet and kind temperament towards all people.

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Suro, the Ubudian legend, was a resilient soul who roamed the streets for over 17 years, a testament to his strength and determination.

He was the most reported dog to animal rescue groups, and it was the unwavering support of his huge Su’pawt Squad that kept him going, a powerful demonstration of the impact a community can have on an individual.

When I first encountered Suro, he was a sight to behold-a handsome figure cruising through Ubud, albeit with a slight hairless condition. I immediately provided him with skin meds and continued on my way. Six months later, I was overjoyed to see him looking much better.

Eighteen months after our first meeting, I found myself at Sunset Vet and was taken aback to see a hairless, forlorn dog in the garden. To my surprise, I was informed that this was Suro, a 16-year-old dog with an owner and the support of another rescue group. I was shocked by his deplorable condition but glad that he was finally receiving the care he deserved.

Just six months later, Suro was once again hairless. His owners were given more skin medications and medicated shampoo, but we decided a new approach was needed.

It was a turning point when Mission Paws’ible stepped in to take on Suro’s case and bills. He was whisked away to Sunset Vet, where he underwent a comprehensive health check. The results revealed bacterial and malassezia (fungus) on the skin and a severe ear infection. With a treatment plan in place, we were hopeful for his recovery.

Suro was returned to his home with medicine and fish oil and enjoyed VIP service, which included daily ‘meals on wheels’ with his daily medicine, ear cleaning, and weekly washes. He even got a new bed!
For several months, Suro enjoyed and loved the new attention he was receiving. He gained weight and grew hair. He was happy. It wasn’t an easy journey, but we persisted, and he was grateful.

Sadly, the day we dreaded would one day arrive. After months of great food and love, Suro’s health started to decline. His bones were weary, and his muscles were sore. He was suffering stage 4 kidney failure and there was nothing we could do to ‘fix’ it. I sat with Suro at the clinic; he looked at me and said, ‘I’m ready to go’. I ignored his words, held him close and cried. I loved that boy. I loved everything he represented. Strength, character, charm, resistance and love. Pure, pure love despite the life he had to live in that broken body.

RIP Suro – the toughest Bali Dog we have ever met.

Thank you to Suro’s Su’Pawt Squad. Your support allowed him to enjoy the final months of his life in comfort, and for that, we are forever grateful.

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Putih was chained to a wall and left to die.

Putih was suffering from a curable skin condition. His owners were at a loss as to how to heal him when the medicine they were given did not work.

Through simple intervention, vet care, treatment, and education of his owners and the other people living in his compound, Putih is now a happy, hairy, chain-free, and very much loved dog. He even sleeps on the bed.

Through his journey, we have worked with his old and new family and sterilised more of their animals, and they are all healthy, vaccinated, chain-free, and happy!

Putih is one of the many special beings who deserve the utmost respect. His life, and many others’, changed when someone stopped to help. We can achieve these results through awareness, activation, and education.

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taco'S STORY

Due to his large size, boisterous energy, and skin illness, Taco was caged for most of his life. We were told he was allergic to beef, so his skin was terrible. We love a good BS artist and knew Taco suffered from a complacent, uncaring owner. Plain and simple.

Fast-forward several months, and Taco is living the life he was born for. However, his story is not complete. Our gentle giant needs a home catering to his needs—daily exercise, a quality diet, and human kindness.

If you have a soft spot for big-breed dogs and understand their unique temperaments and needs, then Taco might just be the one for you. He is a true one in a million, a gentle giant with no aggression or trauma.

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We first met Ruby at a local market, where she happily lived amongst the market stalls with the local ladies who worked there daily. But this was not an ideal place for such a beauty to call home. She suffered from a curable skin condition and brandished a large scar on her back leg, which caused her to limp. It is believed she self-healed from an accident—a car, motorbike, angry human with a stick or hot oil. Either way, it never affected her endearing nature.

It was a long and challenging journey, but Ruby was finally rescued 6 months after our first meeting. Despite the obstacles, including finding puppies in the same location that took precedence to an adult rescue, lack of funds, and lack of foster homes, we persevered. The day she was rescued would have to be one of the happiest days we shared.

The day she was rescued was a moment of pure joy. It was a testament to the power of love and compassion, and a reminder that every animal deserves a chance at a better life.

The day before she was sterilised at a local community hall. The spay-and-release program, a common practice in many communities, involves sterilising stray animals to control the population and then releasing them back into their environment. But letting this girl continue her life on the streets was too hard to digest. Our motto ‘rescue now, think later’ chimed in and that’s what we did.

With no real ‘plan’ we headed to the location she had been sterilised. A building 2kms from where she usually lived. We figured she would be back at the market but wanted to check the location. Lo and behold, as we walked into the empty community building, we found our little hairless girl waiting patiently, wagging her tail and saying ‘YES, IT’S MY TURN!”
Yes Ruby, it was YOUR turn and its the best decision we ever made.

We took her in, had her fostered and today she lives a happy and loved life in her forever home with another canine kid. She enjoys long walks in the park, cuddles on the couch, and has even made some human friends. Her once hairless skin is now covered in a shiny coat, and her scar, a reminder of her resilience.

Ruby is one of those amazing animals with pure love for life and radiates happiness. She is proof that every rescue mission is possible!

We love you Ruby, and we’re grateful for your interest in her story and the cause of animal rescue. Your support can make a difference in the lives of many more animals like Ruby!

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Ginger was found in front of a notorious Dog Meat Restaurant in Bali.

She was frail, scared and alone. She was being tormented by a young boy who threw rocks at her until we stepped in.

After 5 minutes of coaxing her with food and gentle strokes, we lifted sweet Ginger to safety. She was treated at the vet clinic and put into foster care, where she flourished into one of the sweetest dogs ever! She is so lovely that her foster carer adopted her 🙂

Another happy home tail.

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Sophie was found lying lifeless on the road, but we rendered the assistance she needed. Despite the pandemic and limited donations, we pushed through and saved her. She had a blood parasite and TVT cancer. 

She found a forever home with loving humans thanks to her Dodo video.

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A homeless dog lived in a market in Bali. Her skin was raw and red. She was suffering a curable skin condition. Thankfully she was rescued, healed and found the most wonderful forever home. 

Watch Delilah’s video on The Dodo.

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A beautiful old boy lay on the side of the road in Ubud. He was over twelve years old. He had been dumped. But that day, he was saved and began his healing journey with us. 

Henry had a curable skin condition. With basic medical care and time, he healed and became a lovable bear. 

His favourite things were long walks and snuggling in bed. 

Sadly, Henry passed several years after his rescue, but at least we know he knew true love in his final years. 

Watch Henry’s story on The Dodo.

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A shocking image was posted on Facebook: a dog, its muzzle bound shut, hiding in a drain. 

A combined community effort and outrage saved Little Miss Mo. 

Mo is believed to be the victim of the dog meat trade. She possibly fell off the back of a scooter with her mouth and feet still bound. She survived for about three days with no food or water. It was a miracle, and she was found at all. 

Mo spent several weeks in the clinic monitoring her healing before surgery could be performed to reattach her muzzle. 

Fast forward to today, and Mo has the most fantastic life with her own human and canine family. 

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Buzz was found wandering the streets of Uluwatu, Bali. He was known by several people, but no one would commit to his rescue. We stepped up and took on his case. 

Buzz didn’t need much—just some skin medicine, time, and love. He is one of the sweetest and smartest boys. 

Our Buzz-man has come so far. From a hairless, hungry hound to a simply stunning Golden Retriever mix with long, luscious locks!

Buzz is now living everyone’s Bali dream. He is surrounded by love, kindness and cuddles.

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A darling Jack was running scared through a housing estate. He was bald and cold. Thankfully, the dog-loving community wanted to help him, and together, we saved him. 

Jack was in our care for several months, growing his fur, attitude, and dog skills. He is a wonderful and sweet dog and is looking for his perfect forever home. 

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Putri lived on the street most of her life.

She survived the distemper virus on her own.

She took well over eight months to rehabilitate, thanks to our team efforts.

Her mental health has taken years of work and we are forever grateful to her adopters who allowed her the time to heal.

Saving a life can be easy.

Rescue is easy.

Adopting is easy.

Healing a broken soul due to human neglect isn’t. It takes time, patience and love.

Love heals.

See Putris full story on The Dodo.

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