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Angel a Rescued & Rehomed Bali Dog by Mission Pawsible

Oh dear dog, how does this happen!?

Angel was saved by Australian animal rights activist Joey Carbstrong and his girlfriend Laura when they were visiting Bali. She was staggering in the street and thankfully Joey and Laura were fast enough to create a makeshift string and contain her as she collapsed into their arms. She was rushed to the vet where she lay in a critical condition. She is received IV fluids due to her severe dehydration. She had a fever, was severely malnourished and was suffering a blood parasite plus demodex mange.

Angel was with us for four days but she couldn’t hold on. Her body was ravished in illness and she didn’t want to stay any longer. Angel crossed rainbow bridge surrounded by the people that loved her in her last days.

Angel a Rescued & Rehomed Bali Dog by Mission Pawsible

It never get easier for us ‘rescuers’ or people that stop and care. Every life lost is a life that didn’t need to suffer if more people were responsible pet owners.

Please support our education program to help stop this suffering through education, activation and empowerment and together we can save them all!

Name: Angel

Location: Bali

Date: July 2018

Breed: Bali Dog

Age: 6 months at the time of rescue

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