This is Putih. He was chained to a wall and basically left to die.

Putih was suffering a curable skin condition. His owners were at a loss as to how to heal him when the medicine and advice they were given did not work. Through simple intervention, vet care, treatment and education of his owners and the other people living in his compound Putih is now a happy, hairy, chain free and very much loved. He even sleeps on the bed.

Through his journey we have worked with his old and new family, sterilised more of their animals who are all healthy, vaccinated, chain free and HAPPY!

Putih is one of the many special beings that deserve the utmost respect. His life, and many other lives, changed when someone stopped to help. These are the results we can achieve through awareness, activation and education.

Name: Putih

Location: Bali

Date: June 2016

Breed: Pure Bali Dog

Age: 8 months

Putih’s Photo Gallery

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