Ruby. Lived in the market for 6 months waiting to be rescued.

We first met Ruby at a local market where she happily lived amongst the market stalls with the local ladies who worked there daily. But this was not an ideal place for such a beauty to call home. She suffered a curable skin condition and brandished a large scar on her back leg which caused her to limp. It is believed she has self healed from an accident – car, motorbike or angry human with a stick or hot oil. Either way, it never affected her endearing nature.

Ruby was rescued 6 months after our first meeting. It took us all this time due to various factors including finding puppies in the same location (multiples at a time) that took precedence to an adult rescue, lack of funds and lack of foster homes.

The day she was rescued would have to be one of the happiest days we shared.

The day before she was sterilised at a local community hall. The spay-and-release program is a usual practice, but letting this girl continue her life on the streets was too hard to digest. Our motto ‘rescue now, think later’ chimed in and that’s what we did.

With no real ‘plan’ we headed to the location she had been sterilised. A building 2kms from where she usually lived. We figured she would be back at the market but wanted to check the location. Lo and behold, as we walked into the empty community building, we found our little hairless girl waiting patiently, wagging her tail and saying ‘YES, IT’S MY TURN!”

Yes Ruby, it was YOUR turn and its the best decision we ever made.

We took her in, had her fostered and today she lives a happy and loved life in her forever home with another canine kid.

Ruby is one of those amazing animals with pure love for life and radiates happiness. She is proof that every rescue mission is possible!

We love you Ruby!

Name: Ruby

Location: Bali

Date: February 2016

Breed: Bali Dog X Blue Heeler

Age: Approx. 1 year old

Now living with her forever humans 🙂

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