Thank you for your interest in working with Mission Paws’ible through collaboration!

This application is designed to help everyone understand what is expected of both parties and how we will work together:


When you submit the form below, you digitally agree to the following rules and procedures. 


  • The animal you are requesting care for is 100% a rescue or has been legally surrendered. We will not support cases where animals have been ‘taken’ from their homes without the consent of the owner. If you did take the animal from an owner, you need written proof the owner agreed – either a surrender form or proof in messages on WhatsApp/SMS/email/social media etc.
  • Requests for owned pets will be considered on a case-by-case basis.



1) Set up a Fundraiser via our website. It’s super easy!

Are you an Aussie? Click here
Mission Paws’ibe is a registered Australian Charity with Tax Deductibility.

Are you an American? Click here
Mission Paws’ibe USA is a registered 501c3 Charity with Tax Deductibility.

Are you from another part of the world? Click here

2) Tell the story of your rescued animal.

Keep it short and simple. Factual but moving. Include photos and videos and encourage your friends and family to donate to your fundraiser link.  This is imperative to help us pay the medical bills!

3) Post the story on YOUR social media profiles. 

Please tell your personal story about the animal. Your friends and family are more likely to trust you when you are connected to the animal and encourage them to donate. Add your fundraiser link to your Facebook post or Instagram Profile. Make it EASY for people to donate.

Finding a Foster or Adopter

Animals who are in the clinic and still recovering or growing their fur usually need a temporary home to rehabilitate. This is called a FOSTER HOME. Once they are healthier and strong,  you can then look for a forever home, an ADOPTER.

1) Organise professional photographs of your animal for promotion.

2) Promote your rescued animal(s) for foster / adoption. 

You are required to re-home your rescued pet. Mission Paws’ible will help if/when they can to promote; however, you must also promote your animal via social media groups and other sources (be creative). Click here for some tips and guidelines! 

3) Your rescue MUST be fully vaccinated and sterilised

If it is not possible at the time of adoption due to age or another reason, you will be required to follow up with the adopter. This is your responsibility.

4) Attend Mission Paws’ible adoption days to promote your animal.

This is based on approval from Mission Paws’ible Team – we don’t accept unvaccinated dogs or dogs that are still healing from skin conditions or wounds. We do not accept dogs that have not been with Mission Paws’ible from the time of rescue.

5) Share Mission Paws’ible and our mission to your friends and family.

It’s only by working TOGETHER that we can save them all!


All new rescues are limited to RP1,500.000 in funding per animal to cover their vaccinations and sterilisation (paid directly to the vet). If the animal requires more intensive care, a personal fundraiser needs to be created to help cover the additional costs (see fundraising above). Mission Paws’ible will also share the story across their platforms to help subsidise selected cases.

Partially fund the medical costs based on the physical condition at the time of rescue; this can include complete vaccination, sterilisation (mandatory) and medically required treatments at the clinic. Boarding is only funded for animals needing a registered vet’s daily treatments such as IV fluids and pre and post-care for an operation.

Mission Paws’ible will not fund

  • Boarding for animals that could heal in another location. Such common ailments as scabies or other skin conditions, blood parasite, TVT cancer etc. These animals can be treated in a private home or other location. This is why finding a foster home is imperative. All boarding costs for such cases are the responsibility of the rescuer.
Any procedures that can be done in one day (such as sterilisation) do not require boarding. If you choose post-care boarding for such procedures, this is at the cost of the rescuer.
During this period, the rescuer is required to find a foster home or adopter, so the animal has a place to move to when the vet says they are ready to be discharged. All costs associated with the rescued animal past the date of recommended discharge will be charged to the rescuer.

Please fill in the form below, press submit and we will get back to you as soon as possible!