Thank you for your interest in working with Mission Paws’ible through collaboration!

This application is designed to help us both understand what is needed and how we wil work together:

Please fill in the form below, press submit and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

When you submit this form you are digitally AGREEING to the following rules and procedures. 
  • The animal you are requesting care for is 100% a rescue or has been legally surrendered. We will not take cases where animals have been 'taken' from their homes with out the consent of the owner. If you did take the animal from an owner you need written proof the owner agreed - either a surrender form or proof in messages on whats app / SMS / email / social media etc. 
  • The animal can not be boarded in a kennel. Foster care is for animals needing higher care or waiting their vaccination. If the animal is fully vaccinated then you are required to move them to boarding and free up the foster position.
  • The foster carer you are connected to is a Mission Paws'ible foster carer and is helping you with this one case. 
  • You are not to swap animals with the foster carer with out prior agreement with Mission Paw'sible. For example: the animal you have in foster care gets adopted and you want to move another animal in. This is NOT allowed with out prior consent from Mission Paws'ible.
  • The period of fostering time is based on: 
    A) The time the foster carer can commit
    B) Until the animal is healthy and ready to be adopted
    C) Mission Paws'ible has a new rescue and needs the placement 
  • If the animal is healthy (including healthy puppies still going through vaccination) then you, the rescuer, are required to post the animal for adoption. We will be monitoring this. If we see no effort to re-home the animal you will be removed from the network
  • All medical costs are your responsibility
  • All communication about the animal must come through our Foster Co-Ordinator so we can oversee the progress of your animal
  • You are responsible to re-home the animal or move the animal when the foster care period of time is up
  • You will credit Mission Paws'ible on any social media posts you make acknowledging our support with foster care. We, in turn, will share the stories when we can which will increase the visibility of your animal for adoption 

Our foster network has been built over many years and we must continue to strive for the best for the animals and the humans helping. We hope you can understand why we need to set out these ground rules. As we, too, rescue daily we need our foster care placements as well.

If we work together, show respect and understand the urgency to move animals along then we can all help more animals in need.

Please also help to expand the network by asking people to help to foster. They can apply online here: FOSTER A PET

If you wanted to email us direct, please drop us a line on