Left to die.

The photo that rocked the internet. A small, scared, hairless, bloodied pup was found on a beach in south Bali desperate for help.

She was taken to the vet and her treatment commenced. We didn’t know what she was dealing with but we were willing to give it our ALL and you helped us do that!

We named her ASHA and her journey of recovery began.

Thanks to our foster network we were able to place her in the care of Emma, and, well, the rest is history!

Little Asha, the small, timid and broken Bali babe wiggled her way into Emma’s heart and got herself a human more dedicated to her than you would believe. These two beauties are soul mates and destiny brought them together. Bali has a way of doing that!

Asha has healed and also helped Emma on this crazy ride called ‘life’. They are soul mates and were destined to meet and live a loving life.

Photo by Raymond Boleng.

Massive thanks to all of Asha’s sponsors. This is all thanks to you, your support, belief and love for the voiceless!

Thank you Emma for not only offering to help in fostering but also for sticking by your girl no matter what and making life work for you with Asha in it! You are a true hero!

Name: Asha

Location: Bali

Date: September 2018

Breed: Heritage Bali Dog

Age: 4 months old at the time of rescue

Asha’s Photo Gallery

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