Adoption is THE BEST option! 

Thank you for choosing to adopt your new family member from Mission Paws’ible! You are saving a life when you adopt your newest fur-friend.

At Mission Paws’ible we take the rehoming of our rescues very seriously. We want to be sure we find your Paw’fect Match™. So, when considering this life long commitment, please take into consideration your lifestyle, family structure, your other pets in the home and how you feel a pet would improve your life!

How to adopt a dog

The first step is to fill out a dog adoption form here.

Which one do I choose?

You can find a terrific selection of dogs waiting to meet someone in the album above. If you see one you love, please put his or her name in your application.

Or, if you still aren’t sure which dog is right for you, our adoption specialists love finding your Paw’Fect Match™! They’d be delighted to hear from you at

What happens after I apply?

After we look over your application, we will talk with you on the phone about the dog you’d like to adopt and tell you more about him or her. Mission Paws’ible may arrange for a home visit to help you ensure you are prepared to meet the dog’s needs.

The fun part: How do I get my new dog?

We will organise a time that suits you and the person who is caring for the dog. They maybe in private foster or at a boarding facility. We encourage you to meet the dogs to be sure you have a connection.

Mission Paws’ible can assist in arranging transportation of your new pet to your home. The average cost for this service is paid direct to the driver. Depending on where the dog is located and where you live, the prices, obviously vary, but we work with trusted and reliable drivers to be sure the right price is quoted.

Adoption is free but a contribution to their medical costs is always appreciated. To fully vaccinate and sterilise a dog or cat is AU$100, this is the base rate to have any happy and healthy pet. However, what we want most of all is a happy, safe and loving home so a contribution is optional.

Every dog adopted from Mission Paws’ible has a two week trial period. This allows you and your pet to settle in, know each others routine and see if this relationship has longevity. We will also cover any medical costs for pre-existing issue.

Click here to find out more about PREPARING FOR YOUR NEW PET!